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    Is a dedicated server someting for me?


    I'm considering signing up for a dedicated server to host a free message board service and some other sites on. But I'm a newbie so I don't know anything about maintaining a server. So what I'm really looking for is a dedicated server, but with the ease of a shared web hosting service. So this means:
    - everything is already installed and just waiting for me
    - only thing that I have to do is upload the files
    - when there is any problem, all I need to do is e-mail support

    Are there any sites out there that provides this service? Is this what they mean by "managed dedicated server"?

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    Yes, you are looking for a managed dedicated server. But ask every single company what exactly they mean by "managed" as there are big differences...

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    Yes a managed server is best for you, but can be expensive. If you must go with an unmanaged server, I would suggest you also take cpanel as it makes things a lot easier. In the meantime read up!

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    Ok, I said I was a newbie. By that I mean I've never been in contact with Linux before, nor have I experimented with installing Php, MySQl or Perl on a computer/server.

    But do I need to do all these things to maintain an unmanaged server? What are the requirements in order to maintain an unmanaged server?

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    you'll probably want to look into a good virtual dedicated system (VDS). most of the time, you have root access, everything is installed for you, the host manages it and you're only on the box with a few other resellers or people who just have sites that need more power than a normal virual account

    also, you'll save a bit of $$ going this route as well.

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    Pros of dedicated:
    - Lots of capacity
    - Nobody else's traffic takes your site down
    - You won't be taken down by your ISP if your traffic surges enough to compromise the box
    - Lots of control to customize the box
    - Multiple domains

    If you're not running into those issues, then you may just need a bigger shared account.

    If you do go managed dedicated, find a company which has a really good control panel, which will let you deal with the site just like you manage your current shared account. If they also offer root access through Terminal Services or some other utility, this lets you gradually learn how to manage the box more directly.

    Also read the fine print of their support policies. Will they speak to you after you install your BB software if it isn't on their "approved" list? What's their policy on installing patches to the O/S? How quickly will they respond to e-mails?

    Good luck!


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