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    Looking for static file server

    I'm looking for a static file server to store a large number of images (~800MB/Day).
    I don't know who provide such service with reasonable price
    I want to get 500G storage. The price is aroung 150$ / year

    The traffic should not be very large. Less than 1T/month, normally it should be less than 500G/month

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    I don't think you would be able to find any quality file hosting for around $150/year. However I might try to persuade any of the free File hosting provider to give you some kind of premium account (some probably have services like this). Many provide free file hosting, so if they can provide a reelable paid service for you it would be fine for both sides.
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    I just found Amazon provides such service but the price is 75$/month. I guess 150$/year is not a reasonable. If there any cheaper storage provider?

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    Thanks HostColor, I still want to find formal/stable web host provider. If the price should be high, that's fine. Originally I just thought harddisk is really cheap and I needn't large data transfer

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    Your best bet is a dedicated server.
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    You're not going to get 500GB of storage for $150/year with any hosting related solution I'm afraid. It's just not realistic.

    Since you mentioned you're primarily storing images, have you perhaps looked at something like a Pro Flickr account?

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    I agree that you're going to have a difficult time finding this sort of space for your budget. Theoretically, you have a 'shared' hosting budget but really would need a VPS/Dedicated. Normally, a dedicated due to the space involved.

    FDCServers offer a ton of space on their VPS packages, upwards of 1TB+, but even so, it would cost $99/month+. The issue is not really the space, it is more the cost of bandwidth and resources.
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    why not consider a dedicated server and using an image/file encryption management engine, maybe 2/3 dedicated servers working as a cluster sharing resource could be possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by connorjackson View Post
    why not consider a dedicated server and using an image/file encryption management engine, maybe 2/3 dedicated servers working as a cluster sharing resource could be possible.
    Not for $150/year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JulesR View Post
    Not for $150/year.
    Yeah well.

    Are you actually quoting a serious amount, 500GB?
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    I think fdcservers may be your only choice if you have to go for a vps or dedicated+ which may still be high for your budget. You could always use something free like tinypic * MAKE BACKUPS * and link the pictures to your website
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    For *real* 500gb of data storage for a year you are looking at around $1800/year or more.

    Good luck.
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