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    California DC Question(s)

    I'm just wondering why I am getting fluctuating pings (210 average at times, and 242 average at others) when I ping my server's (at bandcon) ip. On the other hand, I have a server hosted in PacificRack, Los Angeles, and I'm getting a stable ping of 21x average. This is explainable because I have 14 hops on the PacifcRack and 16 hops on Bandcon's.

    However, when I got a friend in the philippines to do a traceroute, he had 9 hops for bandcon's and 10 for pacificrack's. Ping for pacificrack is better by about 10 to 20ms. Is there an explaination to this? And based on the results, which is better?

    I'm located in Singapore by the way, should there be any other datacenters that I should be aware of? I'm looking to cater to of US, Brazilians and Asians.

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    It depends on how your ISP is routing your requests. Pacificrack has more providers in their BGP mix, so you will probably have better performance form them, however they do not influence how your isp routes your request to them, only how they route their request to you.
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    So essentially both myself and my friend would have better connections on my server at pacificrack? Is there any other DCs out there which I would have better performance? Or as you said, more providers than pacificrack in BGP mix.

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    It has to do with:
    1. Routing (IE: Physical Path)
    2. Congestion

    Both of these can vary.
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