Ok here's my first post/question, please keep the flame to a minimum lol..

Right now I have my design site hosted for 5.95 50 gigs traffic 450 megs space, lotta options emails..php etc..

tonight upon checking the host site they raised prices by 2 bucks, give less space but have "unlimited bandwidth"

now I have been thinking of reselling.. but i also think how can i compete with places like these

My last host was 250megs 10gigs.. for 4.95 thats more competable.. perhaps.. but I go to these places and they tray and push a resell of 200megs, 2 gigs and i'm supposed to split that up? hell I would not even buy that for a person I hated. much less try and split it up and actually get someone to by it.
then so far
matrixreseller and ehost pro look good, but again if I was trying to compete with places like I mentioned above.. the max i could do is like 250-300megs and 5 gigs bandwidth packages to 6 clients at 5$+ just to make up the 30-35$ reseller fee.. and perhaps most ppl dont know you can get hosting for those prices with that much bandwidth etc.. but damm 2gigs for 7$ 10 for 19$ I wonder how these other places sell that high and still get clients when there places out there selling way less and giving it seems on paper at least way more.

so any help would be apprichiated as to pointing me in the right directions on where to look for some of the best "deals" on reseller packages.
best regards