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    problems with stats - hostingmatters


    I've got 4 domains with

    I have been satisfied with them and chose them because I had read good things here.

    Lately I have had problems with the stats on various domains. They offer webalizer and awstats.

    In sept I had problems with one domain on both stats packages. Ended up losing all previous stats.

    Recently I got errors when accessing stat for 2 domains (can't remember which stats package) on 2 different servers.

    Now I get an error for awstats on all 4 domains.

    Anyone else have problems like these (with HM or other hosts)?

    I am really starting to get concerned. One customer asked if we should change hosts. I recommended the latest customer because their previous host had poor stats.

    Would be interested in hearing the experience of others.


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    Webaliser can be misleading, if you're not careful. Download your log files and use Analog on them for more precise information.

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    just to be clear - it wasn't a problem with strange or skewed results.

    I got error messages when trying to access the stats. I couldn't see any results at all.


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    Originally posted by wbrook
    just to be clear - it wasn't a problem with strange or skewed results.

    I got error messages when trying to access the stats. I couldn't see any results at all.

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    Aussie Bob,

    not quite sure I understand your question. I am going through a control panel. From there a link to stats, and then links to the various stats packages they offer.

    It is when clicking on these last links that I get error messages.

    In any event - I just heard from Tech Support and they are updating the awstats package and informed me that it won't be working for 24 h. That is why I got the error message in this case. It doesn't explain the problems I had previously, though

    I am still interested in hearing if others have repeat problems with stats. (and not just with HM)


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    cpanel stat issues come and go. They've always acted odd at best, though recent times show them to be a lot more stable than they used to be.

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    It's a problem with the software used by cpanel, not a HostMatters-specific difficulty.

    Your best bet is to download the raw logs and run a statistics analyser on them. I like cpanel, it's much more user friendly than other control panels, so I feel absolutely no problem in having my fresh-from-Geocities-or-Tripod clients customise their account settings, but the software that's integrated with cpanel isn't always the best in the world. Their XMB installation was set up so that after installing, the user would be redirected right past the screen that would prompt them to install a MySQL database - effectively hamstringing that software.

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    Maybe the problem isn't with C Panel, but with awstats. I just read here in another thread that Ensim users at AWH are also having problems with their stats.

    Are any of these stat programs accurate? I was recently surprised when I used more bandwidth on a host that had mod_gzip enabled than one that didn't.

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    Just a simple problem with AWStats (post cPanel-update) that is now resolved, as I indicated it would be in our forums.

    Chris: Most people never even look at their stats and don't really care about them, in our experience. For instance, with this AWStats issue, we had 11 tickets, total, throughout the day. Were I personally terribly concerned with stats, there's no way I would rely on anything in a control panel. I'd grab the logs and do the analysis myself, since that would lend itself much better to excluding items that I might not wish to be counted as traffic - like my own visits to the site, or visits to webmail, or anything else that might not be legitimate outside traffic to the site.
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    Now this is strictly a third party comment, but I have a couple different peers who left them because they claim Hostingmatters was inflating stats and overcharging them for usage.

    Again, I cannot confirm or deny this. Both manage several sites and after changing hosts noticed significant changes in their bandwidth and space usage at the other hosts as well as lower bills.

    I am not accusing anyone or claiming this is 100% accurate but they are long-time associates that I have no reason to doubt. After reading this thread I will contact them and ask them to come here and share with you all first hand. I would want someone to share their insights with me on subjects such as this, that is the reason I came here.

    I only post this to add to the conversation and alert others to this information. You are free to decide whether or not to believe it, investigate it or ignore it. I only want to add this into the mix to stimulate your opinions and experience and enhance the effectiveness of the information contained herein. Is this not what this forum is for?

    The only first-hand experience I can report is asking some pre-sales questions some time ago while investigating hosters and getting confusing and seemingly contradicting answers. When asking them to clarify what they meant I was treated rudely and made to feel as if I was some ignorant fool and that was all I needed. I am by no means a guru or expert in any of this but that is no excuse for treating anyone in such a way - especially a potential client.

    I dont know about you folks but I refuse to do business with anyone that cannot treat me with a little respect and courtesy. There seems to be a whole slew of folks on the net whose sole intention seems to be to revenge their insecurities and low self image problems - more power to them! Only they aren't going to do it on my time or my dime.

    You folks are the experts at this stuff. I would be interested in hearing everyone else's comments on this. It is not my concern to be wrong or right, just more informed.

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