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    Replace existing PBX?

    Ok guys, this is probably the wrong place to post this but I would really appreciate any pointers you can throw at me.

    We have an existing PBX/phone system in our office (a little before my time). It's about two years old and we're looking to switch vendors to save some money. The equipment is ours but I have no idea if it's compatible with other providers. If anyone has a clue or can point me to a good forum it would be greatly appreciated!

    Current hardware:
    1x: ELITE IPX II BASIC CONTROL UNIT / 8 slots with one 8-port digital station card include
    1x: ESIE (8) -U20 8-port digital station expansion card / attaches to ESIB
    1x: COIB(8)-U10 ETU, Central Office Line Interface w/Caller ID, 8 Circuits
    1x: 4-port internal voice mail
    15x: DTH-16D-1 Phones (NEC DTERM 80)
    The system has a dedicated T-1 line which used to carry our regular network traffic. Based on this I'm assuming that there's some sort of VOIP connection to the current provider to handle our incoming/outgoing lines.

    So, the real question is, can we change this to "talk" to a different provider?

    Thanks much,
    Jerret Kinsman

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    are you doing voip or a traditional pbx?
    Ben Lenard, MS, MBA
    TechMinds 4 Hire, Inc - (866) 214-1285 x 2001

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