I am looking to test the new automated sign up script on my site and am offering (to the first 3 people to pm me saying they will test..) any of the 3 packages offered at http://widget-it.com/hosting at half price for the year.


This is only available to the first 3 people that pm me saying they are willing to test the script.


Silver Package
Databases: 3 MySQL
Bandwidth: 2 GB
Space: 1 GB
Sites: 1 Website Price: $80/y

Gold Package

Databases: 10 MySQL
Bandwidth: 20 GB
Space: 4 GB
Sites: 3 Websites
Price: $125/y

Platinum Package
Databases: 20 MySQL
Bandwidth: 50 GB
Space: 6 GB
Sites: 10 Websites
Price: $208/y