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    How do I install flash....image rotator

    I just downloaded JW Image Rotator and am absolutely lost!! I just started an ecommerce store and am still tweaking it. Wanted to add a small flash on my homepage. 250x250.

    I've created my .xml file but where do I upload it to on my server? Meaning...what file? Same goes with the .js file and .swf. Where do I put them?

    I first downloaded all to my root directory, no luck. Then to my public_html, still no to my /store. Still no luck. I'm not even sure where to embed the script.

    Can someone please give me directions to make this work? I'd really appreciate it.


    P.S. I've done most everything else with little help...this one is just stumping me to no end.

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    SOLVED! I had the wrong path in my html code.

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