VPS Plans

Jade Plan
Disk Space 25 GB
Premium Bandwidth 200 GB
Guaranteed Memory (RAM) 384 MB
Burstable Memory (RAM) 1152 MB
DedicatedIP 1
$ 15/Month

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Topaz Plan
Disk Space 40 GB
Premium Bandwidth 400 GB
Guaranteed Memory (RAM) 512 MB
Burstable Memory (RAM) 1536 MB
Dedicated IP 2
$ 20/month

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Ruby Plan
Disk Space 60 GB
Premium Bandwidth 600 GB
Guaranteed Memory (RAM) 768 MB
Burstable Memory (RAM) 2034 MB
Dedicated IP 3
$ 25/month

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Corel Plan
Disk Space 85 GB
Premium Bandwidth 800 GB
Guaranteed Memory (RAM) 1024MB
Burstable Memory (RAM) 3072 MB
Dedicated IP 4
$ 30/month

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VPS Features
Equal Share CPU
Remote NAS Backups
FULL VPS Root Access
FREE Account Migrations
Choice of Operating System(CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Suse, Ubuntu)
Server Location Dallas

About Us

Gem Web Host has grown to become a leader in the web hosting industry. Our mission is to offer customers industry-leading Web hosting services and tools, coupled with superior customer support - at an affordable price. Our wide range of plans and options enables us to partner with you from the time you start out through every stage of your business' growth. And our friendly support team make business easy.

Core 2 Quad ( 4 Processors)
Name: Intel(R) Core 2 Quad 2.6 GHZ
speed: 2666.968 MHz
cache size: 6144 KB
100 M BIT connectivity
100% Network Uptime Grantee
No Warez,No Proxy,All Legal Content Allowed

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