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    ' Package file is corrupt' on every file I download

    trying to install software on a raq4, I download *.pkg.gz files, I unzip them on a windows PC but every file I try to install using the web gui fails with ' Package file is corrupt'.
    I've tried 4 different unzipping programs on several different gz files but nothing ever works. I managed to download a pkg file straight to the raq using wget <lindaddress><filename? and it downloads fine and appears as a pkg file but I don't know the command to install it. I searched on google but couldn't find a command specific to a .pkg file.
    thanks for any help.

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    I found the solution to this was to download the .pkg files (not pkg.gz) and then install them through the GUI. Don't touch them with a windows PC. They can be downloaded using the telnet console with the command 'wget http://.....pkg.gz'.

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