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    Very Professional Hosting Design with 3d elements and css

    Start bidding at: $225
    Bidding will end at 10pm on 31/07/2009 (timezone GMT+1)

    Please keep the bidding in this thread, and only bid with increments of $10 or higher.

    What you will get
    - 4 complete pages with a different header on each page.
    - Fully coded in CSS
    - Full rights of use
    - This design will only be sold once

    Link to the design

    Thanks and happy bidding.

    p.s. I just called this template AquaHost and it does not relate to any possible company's carying this name.
    █ Creative Internet Solutions

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    forgot to mention: payments with paypal only.
    █ Creative Internet Solutions

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    auction ended and no bids please delete thread thanks
    █ Creative Internet Solutions

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