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    What should i do with 280 domains ?

    I have a main website which is a domain registration and website hosting business, it is relatively new and i wanted to drive traffic to it.

    4 years ago, I went on a domain name buying frenzy and have a control panel with another hosting company inwhich there are over 250 domains all owned by me,

    I was wondering if there is a way to use these to increase the page rank on my main new site. all these domains are relatively old but have page rank 0 as nothing was ever done with most of them

    kindly advise

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    I would advise you to pass them on, it can make your business look suspicious when you hold that many domains, especially if you don't have any direct relation with them.

    Its also quite annoying for people who might have, when they find that some blood-sucking parasite, stole them from under their nose.

    You could however offer these domains as a "limited-time" offer, in other words, offer people a free domain if they chose your hosting solutions, that would also be likely to indirectly optimize your page further, in the moment people hear about it, and start linking to your business, from their potentially higher-PageRank sites.

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    There are lots of things you can do with 250 domain names IF you have the wherewithal to host them all and put good content into them.

    Otherwise put them into a domain parking lot and see if you can eventually get your money back.
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    Links from those domains are going to do nothing for your PR and there is no point in using them unless you partcularly want to build a link farm. But link farming is an overhead and if you are not prepared to do it properly, get rid of them. They are a distraction and you will get more mileage from an outdated list of free directories.

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    Not every list is outdated, but you can combine outdated even, and still get sufficient links to increase.

    Or perhaps even better, join up on one of those semi-automated sites, and help maintain a good list, together with other SEOs in the industry.

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    Every list is out dated. Why waste time submittig to sites which are free in name only? But nothing wrong with joining a community if there is such a thing.

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    thank you so much, it seems based on your combined responses, the general consensus is i not use them for linking to my site ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsachiti View Post
    thank you so much, it seems based on your combined responses, the general consensus is i not use them for linking to my site ?
    Yes, you're quite right. Do not use them for linking back to your main site as it will have no effect at all.
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    Back links are back links. They will work. And you will be able to "manage" the anchor text you want. But it will be expensive to maintain and there is a good chance that Google will pick this up as cross linking and penalise you. There are far easier and more cost effective ways of getting 280 back links.

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    280domains are a lot of domains .To have a good seo of your site 2-3 unique rich domains are enough.

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    LOL, you better think about it before registering

    LOL, you better think about it before registering.

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