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    45 review please..

    please review my site and be harsh if needed

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    sp1.jpg has a thick blue line running down the centre when enlarged.

    Would recommend you make the photo into a graphic map, and allow the user to click on each individual item of furniture, to gain a closer look. At the moment it's very distant - the pattern is not easily apparent.

    There's also no further information when you click on a suite - are you showing off your own furniture, or selling? If the latter, there's no order link.

    The original header graphic is nice - maybe could do with your business title, though - nothing big or fancy - just a name the potential customer can relate to.

    The blue and green header when you click through doesn't look good. Recommend you use original header graphic, and make your bavkgrounds either white or use the same patterning tile as on the homepage.

    I'd also centre the table and keep it disinct from the top of the browser bar - at the moment it looks almost as if part is hidden by the top of the browser. A space at the top, then the centre command.

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    Oh - also your header nav bar overruns the table. Cut that down. Give your main table a border, if you can, and use separate nested tables within so the cells don't have borders either.

    Get rid of the black as well - too gloomy for a site revolving upon aesthetics.

    Otherwise, nice start.

    All personal opinion, of course.

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    thanks :-) anybody else want to take a shot at it

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    Tina king ivory burl imported from Italy includes a nightstand, head/foot board, armoire,dresser, and mirror. Part of our Delma Arredo bedroom Collection.
    On the line starting from Arredo, there are large spacings. If you were trying to achieve the 'newsletter block paragraphing' style, then this is your choice. However, IMO, this is not needed.

    I would also get rid of the blue boxes that you have outlined on the images. If you placed them there so the user knows to click on them, you can place a small magnifying glass image near the corner of the image with a description to "Click Here". On the Contact Us page, specifically, the background tiles. This doesn't look particularly nice, so you may want to fix this.

    On the contact form, you should place a holder page that shows that their information has been successfully sent after they send the info.


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