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    Do you want to setup a linux box for penetration test or you want to do a penetration test for a linux box?
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    CENTOS 5.3 will be a better choice for this purpose.

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    Definitely centos will be a better choice for it. You can get some details on penetration testing here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nomankhn View Post
    Hi folks,

    I hope all are fine and doing good, can somebody provide detail guide line how to test Penetration testing on linux servers and what security measures are required in against of that.
    Before reading suggestions like using NMAP as others have suggested to perform a penetration test, I would recommend gaining a true understanding of a penetration test truly is and what it is used for. Are you trying to perform the test solely to ensure a server is "secure" or to meet some regulatory requirement such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc and are you testing application or network layer.

    Here is a good wiki article discussing penetration testing. Keep in mind, true penetration testing is more than running a few scans on a server or network. Many good penetration tests are performed manually by "ethical" hackers in addition to automated scanning and social engineering.
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    Penetration testing is "one of those things"... snake oil - the majority of white-hat hackers don't actually know enough to be selling what they claim to be, I definitely don't consider myself competent enough to offer penetration testing services.

    In the best case scenario, say you set up a pen-test that costs $5000. All it says is that for $5000 worth of effort, Hacker X wasn't able to find a way in. Obviously who Hacker X is plays a giant part in how much that means, and therein lies the problem - there's absolutely no way to quantify what it means.

    If you're wanting to do it yourself, you'll have a long way to go. Same thing again, but this time Hacker X would be yourself - so you couldn't break into your own website, but what does that really tell you? Practically nothing.

    Honestly your best bet is to ensure all your patches are up to date, then run something like Nessus over your network and call it a day - you'll get the same basic level of reassurance and save a boatload of money. A good Pen-test will find the obvious stuff, but so would Nessus and a competent security minded sysadmin... if you must spend money, spend it on someone like AdminGeekz or Rack911 instead.

    All hackers are different and have different approaches - just because you paid one white hat and he couldn't do it doesn't mean some 15 year old Romanian kid with nothing better to do won't pop it open in 30 seconds flat.

    Pen-testing is basically the wet dream of hackers who don't have the gall (or the finances) to stay black hat, and/or the guys who never were black hat and want so desperately to have been a part of it.
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