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    Review : Joe's Datacenter

    Quick summary leading up to my switch : have had a dedicated since early 03. Friend of friend connections, co-located server, 0 support, $0 cost, hardware failure. Lead me to move on to something else after almost 4 years.

    Pre-tense how I ended up switching to Joe's Data Center:
    I found VAServ on these forums, signed up with and with fsckvps. Got my site up and working - figured two different VPSs is a good backup plan.

    Got my site up and running. 2 Weeks later. Dead. Gone. Lost. My last off-site backup was 4 days ago. Vaserv was "hacked" due to their laxed management. After waiting 3 days of being off-line and getting the run around from vaserv on restore time. I placed an order with Joe's Data Center after a few email exchanges with Joe.

    My server was setup later in the day as I gave him a hint I was pretty desperate due to VAServ giving me the raw deal and here we are almost 45 days later.
    10:16:50 up 43 days, 17:00, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00

    I'm pretty self sufficient and have only put in support tickets for RDNS and the MRTG network graphs login to be setup.

    Overall i've been very happy - server and network are always responsive, prices are great, and Joe is very easy to work with. Would recommend Joe's Data Center in a heart beat to anyone. I look forward to expanding my use and getting another one!

    VAServ on the other hand - stay away. When I explained I can't wait them out and found other options, I asked for a full refund for the yearly cost I paid upfront and they said "Sorry - read our TOS that you agreed too". I was forced to do a chargeback with my credit card. Which I won. is my personal site that is hosted on the server.
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    Thanks for posting your review, I have also heard many great things about Joes Datacenter.

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