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    InstaCarma launches new website

    We are very excited about the launch of our new website! We have kept an unconventional design in mind throughout the development. Do review the site ( ) and let us know your feedback

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    Its nice, but It took a while for it to load. That superhero image didnt load for about 15 seconds. Maybe optimise a little?

    Other then that, Its nice.
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    Thanks jwebhost! We will look into it.
    Anybody else facing the same problem?

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    Anyone else here has any other comments/suggestions ?

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    Loaded instantly for me
    I'm not really feeling that blue line- what's the point of it? It's not really in-line with anything, just seems kinda random.

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    Just a part of the template

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    It loads quick here. I like the friendliness that your site design conveys, but the downside is that the homepage looks a little unorganized. Nice touch with the superhero art, but try and limit the boxes to the top half of the site and keep the bottom half more text oriented.

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    Thanks for the detailed insight , ItsJustHosting

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    We have now customized our blog ( to have the same look and feel as the new site, as far as possible, while preserving the basic structure and functionality.

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