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    E-mails are getting marked as spam...

    Any help on this appreciated.

    One of my e-mail addresses - [email protected] - is regularly marked as spam. My mail server is not blacklisted. My e-mails are always plaintext, and only sometimes have URLs in them.

    Looking at my mail server health everything looks ok except for what I assume are reverse DNS entries for my domain. So I'm guessing this is the problem.


    1. Do I need to ask my hosting company (I have a dedicated server with the planet) to set up reverse DNS entries for all my domains, or can I do this manually? Note I use my own DNS server, I do not use the hosting company's DNS server.

    2. Will it be a problem that all my domains (,, etc.) use the same IP?


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    1. yes you have to ask them to set it for you, rDNS is using your server's hostname

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    2. No, provided that your mail server is configured to *always* advertise itself as the host identified by the reverse dns entry (PTR) to mail servers that it connects to. In other words, no vanity mail server host names for outgoing mail, pick one and mail originating from your box regardless of domain will be identified as having passed through your mail server id'd by the rnds name.
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    Also set up SPF and Domain Keys.

    Your email get into junk folder in yahoo?

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    Are you facing the issue on yahoo and hotmail ?. If yes, your mail server can be blacklisted in them(check with your admin). Also setting SPF and domain key will help. You can enable them from cPanel-->email authentication.

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