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    Uptime Reporting or no?

    Hey All,

    I wanted to get some opinions, We are a web monitoring company, one question that has had me puzzled is, how many people would like to show their uptime from a reported 3rd party monitoring platform? I know of a few people that do use it to build up value in their service by showing that they have a very reliable service.. but who would be opposed to it, and why? Only thing that really comes to mind is that you would want to hide downtime. Any thoughts?

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    you should offer it as a configurable service that you can toggle on and off so the user can pick the option to display it...
    Dave Parish

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    I suppose that with numbers, a couple of servers having a bad monthly or even over all uptime, becomes a real possibility. Human nature is to put more weight on negative information, so customers could be deterred from signing up. They might choose the 10-servers-perfect-record-host over the 100-servers-with-2-jinxed-servers host.

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    I would think end users would be more interested in uptime monitoring. Web hosts can monitor their own uptime internally.
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    Most uptime monitoring services already offer it.

    And it really depends on whether I would stick it up on my site.

    In my opinion, customers will only focus on the negatives like a previous poster said.

    If you have 4 servers listed with 99.99% uptime
    and 1 server that has been online for only a month that went down for 24 hours, it will really reflect in the uptime report.

    Most of the times, the uptime reports don't show the full story - and unless you have immaculate uptime it will only reflect negatively on the host.
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