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    Httpd Monitoring Problem

    I just stop httpd service for server maintainance , and disable its monitoring from whm services, but after some time it again start even i disable httpd monitoring and service.

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    Make sure that no cron script is restarting it.

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    move /etc/init.d/httpd to something else

    run this command

    mv /etc/init.d/httpd /etc/init.d/nomorelockeddoors

    When you want apache to work again

    mv /etc/init.d/nomorelockeddoors /etc/init.d/httpd
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    Go into WHM and service manager, and disable the HTTPD monitoring. (assuming this is a Cpanel / WHM setup)


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    remove it from httpd from chkconfig, so that this won't start after a reboot.
    chkconfig --list httpd
    chkconfig --level 2345 httpd off
    chkconfig --list httpd
    This will do for you

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    This happens because chkservd restarts httpd Automatically once it finds that it is not running.

    chkservd monitors and restarts services on Cpanel servers. You can enable/disable services to be monitored by going to "Service Configuration" - "Service Manager" in WHM.

    Configuration files for chkservd can be found in /etc/chkserv.d/

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    thanks thomas i got the point

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