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    2 Questions about multiple ips on 1 server

    Hi I have a question, would it be possible to have a linux server to have two external ip's like, and

    And if so may I ask would it be possible to host two game servers each game server hosting on 1 ip, but at the same time with the same server with 2 different ips?

    And another would it be possible to do the same with windows server 2003 or 2008?


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    It is possible to have 2 IPs, that's easy. eth0:0 and eth0:1. Just google that.

    Not sure about the rest.
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    Yeah u can use as many ip's as u want, but not sure about hosting 2 gaming servers on 1
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    You may run two different games on two differnet IPs provided you assign different ports for each game.
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    Yes, you can add all the IPs you want. As to if you can run games on the two IPs...that depends. If this is the SAME game, it depends on if the game will allow two instances to be ran. Some do not (per design).
    If different games, then, you would just have to try it...some may live together, some may not, and that also depends on if each game will allow you to bind the server daemon to a specific IP.
    In short, you can add any number of IPs you have been assigned, but ill just have to trial-and-error running the games as you want.
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    Alright thanks everyone for the professional answers. Thanks alot again.

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