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    VPS/VPN need something specific

    I need either a VPS - with 3 seperate IP ADDRESSes or a VPN with 3 Seperate IP ADDRESSes (I think that would be cheaper) to post adv on Craigslist in three key cities - Tulsa, OK, Fayetteville, AR, Little Rock, AR. Any assistance on how to go about this the best way. i am willing to sign a 1yr agreement. I may use a maximum of 100mbites a month. Thanks

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    You might want to check out the VPS Hosting Offers forum. There are many vps's in that section that seem like they would fit your needs.

    Keep in mind that the 3 separate ip's for those reasons you mentioned some host's may deny as they do not meet proper ARIN justification. I suggest emailing sales before you make any purchases to save you the hassle in the end.

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    I don't think it will be possible to get 3 specific IP's out of specific cities on a single VPS, if its that important that the IP's have to be registered to those locations, maybe its better to look into VPS providers offering service out of datacenters in those locations and buy a single VPS from each of them.
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    it is not possible to have 3 ip's in 3 different cities, unless you have so much luck that you find a provider that have a unique network on the above cities.
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