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    A thumbs up for VPSRight

    Just wanted to give a thumbs up for VPSRight

    John and the guys over there Have Great Customer Service.

    They had a CPU issue on a server and went so far as to set up a chat script to have conference chat with those effected to let us know what was up and Get our Opinions on the Issue.

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    Sounds like they care about their customers. Setting up a chat script to figure out how you feel about the issue? A issue is an issue, and I'd be ticked either way, but as long as they was able to fix the issue quickly and it is not frequent, then issues can happen to the best of providers.

    That being said, you wouldn't happen to have a domain at VPSRight for verification purposes would you? If you don't feel comfortable putting it here, feel free to click "report" on your post and put it in there.

    Best of luck, and keep us updated!

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    Glad to hear you've had a great hosting experience with them. I have been seeing good words popping up about them a lot lately.

    As for the chat, I think it would be distracting to those involved in providing a solution to the outage, however its their cup of tea.

    Hopefully things stay good for you
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    Yah i signed Up 4 days agon with them , Pretty Happy until Now , Although they had this CPU issue with Datacenter. Give them 4 from 5 . i would Give 5 if thier Answering to your problem Quick at Night time as it in Day time ..

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    Thank you for your kind words, we really do appreciate them


    We setup the chat script to have all the customers affected by the CPU issue to give their opinion on the options that were available to them, not to see how they felt. We already found out how they felt with over 50 tickets submitted about the issue. We just thought that setting up a chat script would have been easier than having the helpdesk flooded or having however many LiveChat windows open. It was also an oppertunity for other clients to meet each other.


    We do have a few good reviews around WHT apart from one which went from good to bad.


    I am looking into the response times and they should improve a lot.

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    Its always nice to hear good reviews. Good work must be rewarded with appreciation.

    Keep us posted in future as well.

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    Thanks for your review. Every review from every client counts.

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    Its good to hear a good review about VPSRight, appose to the previous review that turned from good to bad from a thread hijacker.

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