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    dom0: CentOS or Debian or . . .

    I'm leaning towards centos but am concerned that development priority in that distro will switch over from Xen to KVM as RHEL does. Which distro would you choose for dom0 and why?

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    If you're afraid of KVM then Debian is 'neutral'. Though a large part of RH's development effort is to develop a toolchain that is hypervisor-independent (if you choose to work with it is another story :-).
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    I would go for CentOS.

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    I would also go for (and am using) CentOS. Although, their release is trailing behind in the version of Xen that installs. If you want the latest Xen (3.3, or 3.4), you'll have to download/install it manually rather than via yum.
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