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    Web Hosting Design wanted

    Hello everyone

    am after a web hosting design for my company. i would perfer if people posted designs they have already made with a price ( am after a full design if possible inc sub pages and also i would pay extra for a whmcs built in design aswell )

    please post here dont pm me as i always forget to check

    thank you

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    Have you got msn so we can discuss some work?

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    I have some designs for sale:

    We can discuss coding and whmcs integration as well. Contact me if you are interested in any of them.
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    HarzemDesign - Highest quality, well designed and carefully coded hosting designs. Not cheap though.
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    Hey i have a design i had made, its never been used

    inclued -
    3 Coded pages
    I will do any changes you require,


    About WHMCS there is a picture on payton designs, they intergrated it and placed a picture on there portfolio,


    $80 - a large discount
    XHtml, CSS, and Photoshop | W3C Compliance Coding! | 100% Hand Coding!
    All designs come with 100% Satisfaction
    5+ Years of Experience - PM ME

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    Exclamation Custom New Design + WHMCs Design - $50

    Hey, i'm George Johnston from OrbixWorks, it's a pleasure to meet you.

    As part of our WHT promotion, we are offering an oustanding quality template design custom made from scratch catering to your exact desires and needs for only $50, including your own custom made template integrated into WHMCs FREE.

    This is a limited offer, we wouldn't want you to miss out, so get yourself in touch with us pronto and while your waiting for us to get back to you, check out our portfolio, orbixworks.[dot]com/portfolio to view some of our recent web hosting template projects for WHT Users.

    MSN: admin[at]orbixworks[dot]com| Yahoo: gjohnston0 | Skype: georgel.johnston | Aim: gj0hnst0n |

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    I have this design for sale: - click each page to view subpages.

    Base price I'm asking for is $265, and I can design additional subpages and code the entire design.

    Kind regards,

    Jonathan Nathanson - freelance website designer

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    Check out
    I have alot of hosting designs, or can make you one from scratch

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    Template 57: $99

    Template 58: $150 /

    WHMCS Integration on either one of them for an extra $50.

    Email me here

    An affordable marketing agency,

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    MiniLayer (2 pages uncoded + domain Registered at

    Make an offer. Coding will cost $60 and WHMCS can be integrated for just $20.

    Host12 (1 Page uncoded):

    Make an offer. Coding will cost $30 and WHMCS can be integrated for just $20!

    Novanax (1 Page uncoded):

    Make an offer. Coding will cost $40 and WHMCS can be integrated for just $20!
    Sam Asante ~ Web & User Interface Designer ~
    World-Class cPanel Themes
    Responsive WHMCS Themes

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    Go to the bottom of the page as i uploaded to imageshack as my site has bandwidth issues at the moment


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    I have this one available. PM if interested. (only posting the index page at 80% size for preview. 2 subpage variations as well as a hosting table are included - all valid css) Design has never been sold and will only be sold once.


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    Shadi Philip
    Vinelo Works -
    [email protected]

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    I have the entire layout for sale including all subpages fully coded. $450

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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have many web designs for sale at We can discuss the overall cost to make the design with complete coding. To view other work I've created please visit Thank you for your time and I look forward in hearing from you and your company in regards.
    We develop brand identity for the web.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    I have 3 excellent web hosting designs on SALE:

    Post in the topic or PM me if interested in buying.

    They call it web design,we Master.__Visit Us. | Follow us on Twitter__We Master in website templates, banners, headers, logo & branding.

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