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    * Get one month of web hosting free!

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    Get one month of web hosting free at when you get a user to join.

    *Every user that you get to signup you get one month free.

    The free plan includes:
    - 250 MB Disk Space
    - 4000 MB Monthly Transfer
    - CPanel 4.9 Control Panel
    - Webalizer Statistics
    - Raw Access Logs
    - Directory Protection
    - Customizable Error Pages
    - 10 SubDomains
    - 15 FTP Accounts
    - Pre-Installed CGI scripts
    - PHP 4.2.2
    - PERL 5.6.1
    - private cgi-bin
    - 10 MySQL Databases
    - PHPMyAdmin
    - Server Side Includeds (SSI)
    - Frontpage 2002 Extensions
    - 40 pop3 mailboxes
    - Unlimited Autoresponders
    - Web Based Mail
    - Sendmail
    - 5 Mailing Lists
    - Mail Redirects

    *Includes free setup.

    Signup today and get your first month free at

    Promotion Rules:

    Free hosting not to exceed the following:
    You may not exceed any plan features that are currently in the original plan.
    If a user exceeds the original plan feautures you will be charged for the plan overages.
    If a user gets more than one user to to signup in one month, he only receives one month free.

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