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    Singlehop or LSN ? Which one to chose from?

    I'm about to take a server from one of them,
    but I wanted to ask which one is better? or ?
    LST actually seems a bit cheaper but still if we don't look at prices which one you would chose from- and why?

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    limestone has a good network from my perspective but if you where looking for someone to * I guess hold your hands on some things* then singlehop is the way to go. If you are a unmanaged kind of guy then limestonenetworks is the way to go. I have used both of them for different things and my experience with both of them have been the same so far.
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    Try using the "Search" function on WHT to find some reviews. There is bound to be some about.

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    Personal experience with Singlehop. Network was sketchy in December-January, and I'm sure their own Rep would back me up on this. However after much invested $$$, their network is much more powerful and MUCH more stable. Also they provide a great service at a great price. We ended up moving on because they are uncomeptitive at pricing when it comes to faster drives, outside of the standard SATA 7200RPM drives. This being said, that is simply because their client base has no real demand for them "yet"

    I'm sure you will be happy with Singlehop if you choose them for your dedicated server. When it comes to "hand holding", it depends on who you talk to. If you don't have a management package on your server, I've been told by some reps there that they cannot even login to your server without adding it. Then again, I've had "someone" at Singlehop bail myself us out with a rather in-depth issue and we didn't even have a management package on that server, so it simply depends who you're talking to.

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    U can check out the recent reviews on both and make a decision.
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    i prefer to stick with limestone,even they are unmanaged they will help you for sure if you have any issue with server

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    Quote Originally Posted by yajur View Post
    i prefer to stick with limestone,even they are unmanaged they will help you for sure if you have any issue with server
    Thank you for the kind feedback, yajur.

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    Both are awesome but as I can recall SH offer free income traffic, correct me if I'm wrong...

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    I've used both and both are amazing. Just make your choice based on whether you want Dallas or Chicago.
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    Thanks for all of the kind words, I did want to clarify a couple of things, we do offer completely unmetered inbound bandwidth and the network issues that we experienced as a result of our rapid growth are definitely a thing of the past, both of our datacenters have been upgraded to 40Gbps of throughput.
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    I think both hosts are excellent and I have not even been a customer of SingleHop but have had my eye on them for years now.

    As for LSN you cannot go wrong with chosing them as your provider. Their network has been flawless for the entirety of our time with them. Their staff are polite, knowledgeable, and will go the distance for you. The hardware has been great and the price is hard to beat.

    You really need to ask yourself if you need a managed or unmanaged server really.

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    I have a year with Limestone, network very stable, efficient support
    although they offer unmanaged servers

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    Go with LimeStone. you cannot go wrong with them.
    They are perfect in support even if they are unmanaged.
    And their price is simply amazing. Sales almost every month or something.

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    Both are absolutely fantastic companies.

    Singlehop has great server management and you get adedicated account executive. Singlehop doesn't have anything above dual 5410's, but they will purchase stuff, if you ask them.

    Limestone networks has rockware, which imo, is 10x better than leap. I never really liked leap, it's just not my thing. LSN doesn't have dedicated AE's. They have the newest and badest hardware out

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