Search engine optimization (SEO) has always played a significant role in the hosted services industry. Now, even while the economy slows, search engine optimization is continuing to take the lead as a highly effective marketing strategy for generating leads and sales. According to a March 2009 Media Post article, “Every company is losing some business because of the economy, whether they buy less, or not at all,” said David Hallerman, eMarketer senior analyst. “There is a greater focus on customer acquisition. Search is the best tool for that.”
This year HostingCon 2009 is embracing SEO in a very big way and pulling no punches to pack the conference room with eager hosted services professionals ready to absorb the knowledge! We went outside the hosting industry and recruited a heavy-weight in the search engine optimization field whose company is among the top for defining which SEO strategies work best to deliver real, long-term results. On August 12, Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz, will show you search engine optimization (SEO) like you have never seen it before at HostingCon!
Rand will move quickly through basic right into advanced strategies that bring high value, long-term SEO success. Here is what you’ll have in store from attending Rand’s keynote:

  • Be exposed to some common misconceptions about what works and doesn’t with SEO
  • Deep dive into super juicy tips about powerful search strategies
  • Uncover tools that provide rich insight into competitive intelligence
  • Get the truth about what it really takes to rank well in a competitive market like web hosting
  • Identify how to obtain links from reputable industry organizations

If you’re serious about growing your hosted services business in 2009 and beyond, you must be front and center for this no-holds-bar keynote. Unfortunately you can’t experience it unless you first take the step and register to attend HostingCon 2009! What are you waiting for? Do it NOW and prepare to experience SEO like never before at HostingCon.