On August 11, 2009, Salesforce.com, Google, Microsoft and Rackspace, are coming together center stage at HostingCon 2009 in Washington D.C. for a ground-breaking panel discussion. The keynote, “Shaping the Cloud Opportunity” will peel-back the vision and growth expectations driving these technology giants into the Cloud.
While debates exist around the real substance of the term Cloud Computing, it is undeniable that the term and the technology have gained tremendous attention within not only the hosted service industry but top-of-mind with leading-edge customers including corporate IT and SaaS providers. With strong growth expectations of corporate IT outsourcing and projected SaaS growth in excess of 40% in 2009, according to IDC, hosted service providers should be beware the technology giants are investing big to build out their cloud computing services.
The seriousness of Salesforce.com, Google, Microsoft and Rackspace’s commitment to pursuing the cloud opportunity is showcased by their senior leaders participating on the panel:
• Zane Adam, Senior Director of Virtualization Strategy, Microsoft
• Stephen Cho, Director of Google Apps Channels, Google
• Daniel Burton, Senior Vice President, Salesforce.com
• Emil Sayegh, General Manager, Mosso, Rackspace Cloud Division
Further amplified by the fact that the panel is happening center stage at the largest gathering of hosted service professionals in the world. HostingCon is a hotbed for independent web hosts seeking strategic opportunities. As such, the keynote panel will help lay out the playing field for independent web hosts. The panel moderator, Antonio Piraino, senior analyst for the cloud services and virtualization sector at Tier 1 Research, will pose critical strategic questions like - partner or competitor, target enterprise or SMBs – that are top-of-mind among hosted service executives.
With the inclusion of Rackspace, independent web hosts will hear first-hand experiences about how the Mosso, Rackspace Cloud Division was created and what suggestions they have for web hosts to differentiate themselves in this rapidly growing market.
The environment is set for an unprecedented look into the future of cloud computing and the foreshadowing of new opportunities and threats that are approaching hosted service providers now and in the years to come. Will you be there? Register to attend HostingCon 2009 today!