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    Exclamation VPSRight Brilliant Review

    We signed up with VPSRight a month ago and where as a lot of companies say we do 24/7 support and then a couple of days later you find that they are never on well VPSRight really do the 24/7 support. John the owner of VPSRight has been there to help with the transfer from OVH. To updating our domain nameserver ip's through the datacentre transfer. Before VPSRight we was with ConnectSwitch and we have multiple problems with them and i know friends who are also having a lot of problems with them. Im really happy we transfered to VPSRight and would recommend to everyone.

    We have a vps with vpsright our domain is

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    That's good you're having good experience with them. I thought about using them when I switched to VPS this past Sunday. However, I didn't go with them because of how the thread was going on page 3 and 4 of

    Some guy wasn't able to get his money back if I recall because PayPal wouldn't let VPSRight refund the payment or something which worried me a bit :-/ so I went with =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by truevision View Post
    We signed up with VPSRight a month ago
    We have a vps with vpsright our domain is
    Looks like it moved to it's present IP on July 13, about 10 days ago. Are you sure it was a month?
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    Thank you for your kind words. We do try to make everyone happy


    I am sorry that you found our company not up to your standards due to an ongoing issue made publicly.


    Sign-Up Date: 30/06/2009

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    Ye we only fully updated our nameservers a few weeks after we bought the vps because we wanted to test it out first. All we done was point the dns from the old server to the new one then we tested a few accounts then after talking to john. He transfered all our accounts for us. then we changed the nameservers.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Glad to see that you are very satisfied with them. Hope your experience stays the same in future also. Give us updates again.

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    This is good information. I have been considering this host for my VPS requirements actually. Thanks.

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