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    Would you pay for monitoring services?

    I'm trying to see if there is a market for these types of services. Prices would range from $25-100. Low end coverage would be things like host up/down status, port monitoring, etc. Higher end services would additionally include process monitoring, traffic statistics, disk space monitoring, CPU usage, etc. Alerts could be configurable for either email or pager and vary by alert level. All historical service data would be available via graphs ala MRTG.

    Would you buy this?

    Do you think others would?

    What else would you like to see offered?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    $25-$100 ?? for that kind of monitoring ? ..

    I'd rather do it myself because system monitoring is one of the crucial part in maintaining a good service. With a lot of open source software out there .. its easier to do it yourself.
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    I personally would just do it myself, it's easy enough.

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