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    Password Protect Symlink in cPanel

    I'm currently having a bit of an issue with being able to use the password protect directory function within cPanel for symbolic directories. In cPanel 10 there was never an issue but it seems now with cPanel 11 there is an issue where it won't add in the users and it won't save the config. The .htaccess file seems to generate within the directory but when viewing the root directory within cPanel, there isn't a padlock next to the directory even though the password protect checkbox is checked within. I've checked ownership and chmod'd all the related stuff to 777, I can password protect a folder that exists within the same folder as the symlink is contained in, but not the actual symlink itself.

    Any help with this would be great.

    It seems the .htaccess file is generated in a directory like this:


    When it works when you move the files to:

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