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    Exclamation Hardware Failure?

    I have a dedicated server colocated at a datacenter.

    The past few days i have noticed that the server becomes unresponsive and the only way for it to become responsive again is for it to be hard rebooted.

    I checked the system logs and i noticed lots of instances of an atapi event that says "The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort0, did not respond within the timeout period." Lots of these events are grouped together with a 4 second to few minute spacing between each event.

    Ironically this error first started happening on July 13 (i guess it really is a bad luck number).

    There is a single SATAII drive. Does this mean its failing? The server is over 2 years old.

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    Is there a firewall on the machine, any recent changes?
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    Yes there's a firewall and no recent changes.

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    any errors that point to your ide devices should be addressed, have your provider run diagnostics on it and if nothing comes back then try to swap out the drive for a cloned one, could be a bad controller on the board but those are as typical...
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    I ran a test with HDDScan ( and the S.M.A.R.T. tests all came back with normal performance.

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    I've had those before, sometimes its as simple are the IDE cable not being plugged properly in the slot of a bad ide cable.

    I had these happen with some of the SATA ports with those clips on to avoid accidentally being pulled, but they create more problems than they resolve.
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    Either a bad disk or bad cabling. Try reseating all the IDE cables.

    On a more severe note, your power supply might also be going.
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    Try getting the IDE cable changed, that should solve the issue first hand. If not then HDD might be about to go off pretty soon
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    All S.M.A.R.T. tests came back in the green though, so how could my hard drive be dying?

    P.S. Its a windows server

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    Can you try and find out what device is using IDE0? Device manager should give you some leads... SMART tests don't always show disk errors, so don't rule out drive failure yet.

    Are there any spikes in traffic, memory, or CPU usage when this happens?


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    When it happens the entire server locks up. I cant ping it, i cant remote in, etc.

    I just noticed in Device Manager that two "Primary IDE Channel" are listed in "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" section. Could this be what's causing the errors? Which one should i remove or delete?

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    I think before you change anything on the OS you need to verify the cables aren't lose. It could also be a voltage issue.

    If nothing has changed with the OS/kernel configuration then I'd almost bet it's a loose cable or power problem. Is this a dual power supply system?
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    Though i had similar problem with my pc at home, i tried everythign )

    thought that hard drive about to die.

    But gosh, i realised that cable was lose on sata socket, and that was the only reason causing this issue, the hard drive led used to stay up, but after that its all well and good.

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