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    Arrow Custrom NameServer for my packages!

    Do you know if there any way to point a to another? Like if we have a reseller account, can we use a different name server from the one provided by host to setup client accounts?
    Any way to point NS like DNS pointing

    Like if i have a reseller account and i do not want to disclose my clients the actual hoster's NS. Any way? I know i can ask the client to point using DNS management and use the domain checker's NS, but i don't want that.

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    Your provider should be able to provide you with Private NameServers, dedicated ip's that are RDNS to your domain, you can then create nameservers to aim at your domain, thus any client you host would use your name servers and things would all look legit and be hosted by your domain! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    Its actually quite easy to do. All you need to do is get two dedicated IPs and setup your DNS record for your domain name so that it looks like this: 14400IN A 14400IN A

    After you modify the zone, you have to go to your domain registrar and register the new name servers with them. They usually have a special page for you to do this - it is different than 'changing name servers' for your domain name.
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    Absolutely right. So, you'll need to get 2 dedicated IP's (in case you'd like to register 2 nameservers, 3 IP's for 3 nameservers, etc) - your hosting provider should make necessary changes for your account - and provide you with information regarding nameservers . And after that you'll have to contact your domain name registrar and ask them about nameserver's changing. That's it.

    Note : your nameservers should be <name1>,<name2>, etc, and domain should be created on the server

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    You don't have to have dedicated IP's. Although, most hosts will provide them if you require reverse.
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    Yes and any real reseller account should have ips for this to happen included in their plans. That is the only way to keep hidden. where the customer is first
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