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    Where to buy clients?

    Just curious, where can i buy web hosting clients (from other web host)? And how is this done?
    Please point me in the right direction

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    Search forum boards and find brokers. It is not as easy as it sounds but it can work very well. It has for us.

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    keep checking the offer section, u might get lucky
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    Post an ad that you are interested in buying clients. Specify your price per client that you are willing to pay and maybe you might get some responses.

    Be sure to check how long the client has been with the provider, what type of material they are hosting and beware of suspicious deals. Check reviews on the company you are buying to ensure you aren't buying a downhill or tarnished company where users are cancelling daily.
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    Check with this guy , I think they have hot offer now.
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    If you buying them, there not really clients, doesn't that differ? Why don't you do some good advertising and seo, attract good paying clients, not some that people are selling them off, if there selling them its for a reason, there either a cruddy host shutting down, awkward non-paying clients or have other genuine reasons.
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    Check forums and contact web hosting companys. I never done this but heard that this takes alot of work because you need to provide the client that you buy his same package or better one for the same price or cheaper. I personaly think clients dont like to be sold. For this reason this is why I dont do it.

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    if they are selling they are selling for a reason and not because they dont have time or they need to go to college and blablabla.

    mainly are companies which offer unlimited HD & BW and when they see that the server can not hold what they promise they sell the clients with an excuse !!

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    Hmm just ask yourself, why did bluehost bought hostmonster?

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    The first place to go is the Offers Section on WHT.

    You can also make a thread there with your offer. This will surely help interested people to contact you.

    There are also some companies already mentioned above who trade hosting companies and clients.


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    1. Ad's saying that you want to buy them
    2. Look for Ad's selling them
    3. Get friendly with hosts, normally 1/10 shutdown... perfect you can buy
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    Quote Originally Posted by hostbite View Post
    Hmm just ask yourself, why did bluehost bought hostmonster?
    I didn't buy Hostmonster. I started it from the ground up alongside Bluehost (Although a couple of years later).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mheaton View Post
    I didn't buy Hostmonster. I started it from the ground up alongside Bluehost (Although a couple of years later).
    Yup... And I believe FastDomains and One Other too (name slips my mind at the moment).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mioot View Post
    Check with this guy , I think they have hot offer now.
    Never heard of this company. Many of the links on their website is broken, and i'm not entirely sure what they do.

    But seriously, i think it depends what is the reason why you want to buy the accounts really, and what you want to pay for them etc.

    Buying stuff out isn't simple. And usually not worth it unless there are a good number of accounts (because the paperwork involved is about the same)

    Typically, the larger acquisitions are done through brokers ($10k to 50k+). The smaller ones are private and come from all walks of lifes, including having a good relationship with your data center.

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