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    Access folders in root / bypass Wordpress

    My blog is set up to display in the root of my domain, although the files on the server sit within their own folder:


    Server files


    Broswer displays

    www . mydomain . com/

    (disaplys pages from /wordpressfiles)

    The problem I have is that I can't access individual directories within the root, unrelated to wordpress.


    I have

    Setup on the server, but if I enter the path in my browser:

    www . mydomain . com/folder2

    wordpress thinks I want to access:

    www . mydomain . com/wordpress/folder2

    ...which doesn't exist.

    How can I re-gain access to folders in the root, without wordpress interfering?
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    I can usually accomplish this by adding something like this to the top of the .htaccess rewrite rules:

    RewriteRule ^folder2/ - [L]

    That tells mod_rewrite to stop looking at anything in that directory, and I think it should get the effect you desire, however if you're using Wordpress as the 404 handler it will still hand it off to Wordpress if the URL doesn't exist in that directory.
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