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    Need someone to check my server security (A recent DDoS took down my site)

    Recently someone DDoSed (or DoSed, not sure which one) my forum. I'm planning to upgrade to a VPS with better specs this weekend, one with 512mb RAM, 1GB burst.

    Though, to help prevent future DDoS/DoS attacks against my site I want to get it as secure as possible. So I'm looking for someone to help me out a bit, so that they can somehow check how secure my server is, and whether the DDoS protection software has been installed correctly.

    Would anyone be willing to help out?

    - Matt.

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    Hi Phatmat

    Having gone through your requirement, we would be glad to assist you on that.

    we are available on the following Ims:

    Msn:[email protected]
    aol:[email protected]
    Yahoo:[email protected]

    You can also email [email protected]

    Looking forward to hearing from you. - the name says it all!
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    Hello Matt,

    To be honest, depending on the type of DDoS attack, hardening your server will not stop the attack. You will need to migrate your VPS to a DDoS protected network.

    I can help you with this and provide both a network in which DDoS attacks will not affect your website at all as well as the means to migrate your VPS data and settings without any work needed on your end.

    Just send me a PM and we can get started.
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    We wouls surely like to help you with this.PM us with details

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    Was this a SYN flood or HTTP-GET flood?
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