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    Atom on image hosting site

    Hello everyone.

    I was wondering if any of you had experience with Atoms ( precise 330 one) and with image hosting site. We'r about to launch one of those projects and maybe dont expect any rush on begining, but who knows . So is one of this Atoms+2GB RAM enough for like couple thousand hits a day? Greetings

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    How much bandwidth you are using per month?

    It can run fine with proper optimization.
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    It will be plenty fine for image hosting. It should handle your business for quite a while. Especially, if that's the only site residing on it.

    Best of luck.
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    Well dont know about bandwith (since we didnt launch it yet).. But I am guessing somwhere betwen 10-20GB a day for a opening couple months. And I am talking about this offer of HoneLive with 2TB of bandwith

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    We run our MS Exchange 2007 on an Atom 330 with 2GB RAM and it works very well... Exchange is no lightweight platform either.

    I believe you should be fine for a while on the atom, they truly do pack a punch.

    When needed just upgrade to a Core2 series server.
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    Your site should be fine on an Atom server. Your needs seem to be quite basic for now - therefore, a basic server should do.

    However, if I were you, even though its not needed for now I would go for at least a Celeron E1700. But my preference is a Core 2 Duo server.

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    I agree, we have lots of experience with the Atoms and they are great for sites like yours that are brand new. You get the reliability of a server at a decent price. Just be aware that there are not many upgrade options for the Atom servers and most likely when you do need to upgrade, it will have to be to another server as opposed to just adding RAM.
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