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Thread: DNS and BIND 9

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    DNS and BIND 9

    Hello everybody, im stuck in a scenario taht i very much would like to be helped out of..... heres the deal:
    i work in a new ISP company, and ive been assigned to the DNS server, and before this i have never even heard of BIND, but now im in need of learning it ....
    and im only fairly familiar to here are me questions:
    1. where can i find a beginners guide to DNS and BIND?
    2. what distribution is best suited for the server?
    3. are there any default templates for the BIND config files that one could start with and modify?
    4. how many files are there? i mean every time a read a bit about BIND pops up a new file name.. so how many files are enough?
    5. would any1 care to help me out step by step throught my ordeal?
    6. are there any training courses that i could take? are there any onlline ones? or videos that i could grab off the net?
    7. how many times does a swallow have to flap its wings to maintain airspeed velocity in order to carry a coconut?

    Thank You all

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    questions 1-4, 6:

    Google is your friend, my friend

    question 7:
    214,739 times

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    google is my only friend? thats miserable
    but thats ok, in the last few days i was possessed by a geeky demon who knows a thing or two about DNS and BIND...
    and until this demon walks out on me im ok ....
    thanks for the help
    ure welcome
    who are u?
    im me
    oh ... ok

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    Buy the books "Power DNS and Bind" and "DNS and BIND".

    I prefer the first, the second is the usual canonical reference.

    These are must have books for anyone working professionally with DNS.

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    after a long struggle between me and me i have finally managed to get 'named' to work ... thanx to fedora, which im using on vmware
    .. here are me questions...
    ive made up so many files to the extenct that i feel i dont need all of them, so how many exactly do i need,and do i need more than two zone files?
    one more question ..why do spacemen carry towels with em??

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