Host mate is an application designed to help hosts. Hostmate allows you to store your server details in one place for easy access. It also allows you to store contacts in the same way. One of the main features of hostmate is the 'my commands' section, this allows you to build your own database of commands, fixes and tips etc...

Has your server ever crashed and you have had to submit a support ticket or scour forums for the answer. Then 6 months later the same thing happens and you have forgotten the fix. With hostmate all you need to do is save the fixes to my commands and then go back to them as you need them and simply copy the fix to your server.

The more commands you add the larger your database will become making managing your server easier than before.

Branded version also available for server providers to give to their server customers.

Full details and feature list here: cost $32.99
Hostmate standard