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    Dedicated Server with good backup options / image full restore type

    I need a dedicated or managed server with a spec at least :

    Dual Core Xeon 2Ghz
    3GB RAM
    2x 500GB RAID1 Hardware
    Minimum 2500GB Month Transfer on 100mbit port

    Now heres the important bit. I need a provide with decent backup options. I need to be able to fully restore the whole thing from a recent backup should any problems occur with the server/drive or anything else and I need that to be done quick.

    Does anyone offer such a service?

    Do you think this is too much to ask for $250/month? Is that too little for a managed server?

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    Probably R1Soft bare metal restore, or similar backup software with the same technology. It costs more than regular backups, so you may also want to look into getting some regular backup space and rsync your stuff over there.

    Servers don't just die on you, but drives do from time to time, so a proper raid card and good drives will improve the situation. With RAID-1, if you replace the failed drive in a reasonable amount of time there will be no data lost, but as usual, RAID is not a backup alternative.
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    The good thing with r1soft is that your server will not experience much load during backup.
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