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Thread: UK VMware host

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    UK VMware host

    Im currently hunting around for a VPS provider somewhere in the UK which offers VMware hosting.

    At present, i am using a Virtuozzo host, but of late the VPS has come under quite a bit of load and as a result, has been shut down by the host in order to keep the node itself running properly.

    I have hunted around, but wasn't able to find any hosts which offered the following:

    * 20-50GB of disk space (with the option to increase as the website grows)
    * Guaranteed 1GB RAM
    * Access to Virtual Center (obviously restricted to my single VPS). This is extremely important, as i need to be able to access the console to fix any issues, so essentially i am after an unmanaged solution
    * Centos 5 (x64)
    * cPanel
    * At least 2GHz guaranteed CPU
    * 50+GB traffic
    * Clustered/Redundant setup (SAN storage etc)

    Basically, i recently re-launched a website which until the re-launch was quite small and didn't require a large amount of resources. On a normal day, there is never anymore then around 150-200 people constantly hitting the forum. However, if the website is linked to from various media/music websites, it grinds to a halt and i have no control over fixing it as i dont have any access. Nor will the current host increase the resources as i am currently already on the highest VPS plan they offer.

    Looking forward to any suggestions.


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    Never used them but they do get good reviews for the other services they offer.

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