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    Question reseller hosting,vps and dedicated

    i have become reseller hosting ...and i want to become sell vps and decicated what must i do to running it...?

    wheather i must buy several dedicated servers then create vps package from it. And sell vps with new price or maybe have another way ?

    please advise
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    You could try to find a VPS server reseller provider and start reselling VPS hosting.

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    dedicated servers will good
    start small dedicated servers like quad Core 8gb Ram
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    You might want to look into buying your own hardware, instead of hiring - it would save you in the long run. Which ever method you chose, you can host your VPS's on there and sell it.

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    You might want to look into buying your own hardware, instead of hiring - it would save you in the long run.
    Only if the hardware is put to work in a short enough amount of time. That means a significant amount of sales in a relatively short time span, which is usually unlikely for a new or small business.

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    Basically all you need to do is buy in bulk to get a reseller deal for VPS and Dedicated Servers. All the best luck.

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    You have to really know what you are doing and hope you have at least tried to be a reseller for a while. You just might not like it as you have to be on top of things. Don't spend a ton of money and then find yourself in a fix. Start small and grow. Or if you have tons of money, hire a company to do it all and spend spend spend. where the customer is first
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    We have free dedicated server reseller program

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    Here is what you do.

    Get a VPS plan so you can offer shared and reseller plans to your customers.

    For the VPS and Dedicated servers, sign up for an affiliate program and promote it as if it is part of your service.

    You can make a killing off the affiliate commissions for programs like these.

    So you are essentially referring all VPS and dedicated customers to another provider - while making $100-$200 per sale in affiliate commissions. Best part about it - no customers to support - just free money!
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    You can have reseller hosting. You can become VPS and Dedicated server reseller

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