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    Can't view web site


    RaQ4i with StrongBolt2
    2Wire Router (open ports: 21, 53, 80, 443)
    McAfee Anti-Virus (open ports: 21, 53, 80, 443)
    Static (sticky) IP's from AT&T
    Domain name registered with Network Solutions
    Web site: www(.)dragdepot(.)com
    IP Address:

    I can view the index page using either IP Address or Domain Name but anyone else outside is unable to.

    Trying to access the site via my PDA gives me a 504 Gateway Timeout or 502 Proxy Error depending on what settings I've been tinkering with.

    Any suggestions as to what I may have missed?

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    Are you on a private network (ie at your home) ?

    try opening port 444
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    Yes, the server is located at my home.

    I opened port 444 on the Router and in McAfee ... no luck.
    Tried using PortForward's PortChecker and it says that 444 and 80 are not open or reachable.

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    Poking around on the forums here I found this:

    Quote Originally Posted by gnetwerker View Post
    You said "it is set to the gateway of the router". I don't want to be pedantic, but the Raq's gateway needs to be set to the router's IP (not the router's gateway's IP), and then the router needs to be set to its (WAN) gateway. If not, then returns are being sent to a router that isn't doing your port mapping.
    I have it set to the gateway that my ISP provided me ( is this the culprit? When he says that it should be the router's IP, is the that IP Address that I use to access the router? (

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    To access your router, try --- that works for Belkin and many other brand routers.
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    I can access my router just fine. Thought maybe I had a setting on the RaQ wrong and that is why no one can view the web site.

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    I understand you have the ports opened in the router firewall but, Do you have this ports redirected to the server? Look for Port Forwarding or Virtual servers on the router.

    At the end:
    Router must have external fixed ip obtained from your provider, and (or something similar) on your local network.

    The RaQ must have something like, with a configured gateway and in the Virtual Site List, your new site has to be (or the ip of your RaQ).

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    OK, let's back-track a bit.

    My domain name registered with Network Solutions is www(.)dragdepot(.)com and points to IP (IP of the RaQ).

    The RaQ is set up with the following:
    IP Address:
    IP Network Mask:
    Server Gateway: (as provided by my ISP)

    The site dragdepot(.)com on the RaQ is set up with the following:

    Is this right so far?

    p.s. Sorry I have to use the (.) in the URLs because I'm a new user to the board.

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    You can't use a Internet IP inside your network. The domain has to point to your router (, and then your router has to do Port Forwading to the RaQ. If the internal address of the router is (as example) the RaQ must have an address in the same subnet like

    Maybe I'm confussed about your connection, but this is a normal setup like I'm using at home and in the office.

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    OK, I've changed the IP Address with Network Solutions to point to the router (

    When assigning the RaQ with an IP Address within the subnet of the router, do I just pick one?

    I've attached a screen shot of the screen from the 2Wire.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2wire.jpg  

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    Yes, you can get any address except, because s used by the rouer. In the RaQ, set gateway as Did you find Port Forwarding or Virtual Servers in the Router configuration?

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