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    * Aquarius Storage Reseller Hosting Review

    A+ Service for the price of a D- service!

    I been with Aquarius Storage for 2 months now, and its been the best company I've been with for a long time. I was switching between dedicated servers and virtual private servers for a long time. About 4 years. Couldn't find a company who offered a lot of good benefits, reliable network, cheap prices. I really didn't need much space so I was looking into resellers. I found out that I could get a VPS cheaper than some of the reseller programs around. I was interested in a few different companies that seem to offer a reliable network with some nice features, but they were price as compared to the specs they offer.

    One of the companies, who I wont name for further drama and other issues, really tried to talk down this company because of their cheap prices for everything that they are offering. I heard every excuse too. "Resources aren't everything!", which is true, but it is the main thing you base your price on. Usually the only things that change between packages is the resources and this company who said this to me raised their price for each package by between $5.00 to $20.00 when all that would vary is the resources, and they would only get bigger by 5gb disk space and 50-100gb bandwidth. If you have the resources, why not offer them? Everyone loves more room to work with, so you don't have to oversell just to keep your head above the water. What I love about Aquarius Storage is their plans start at only $10.00 a month with all the extras and bonuses and the resources start at 15gb hard drive space and 150gb bandwidth. The other guy was charging 3x this price for that!

    Another one of my favorite excuses was when they would reply to why prices is so high saying, "There's a lot of other costs like support and extras!". True, true... but aren't you advertising those as "free" services in your threads and on your website? If they are paying for it in hidden fees that's figured into the packages price, then it isn't really "free" now is it? The quality of the service doesn't get better with bigger packages, just the resources do, so why double the price for doubling the resources? That kind of contradicts the previous statements. Aquarius Storage reseller plans make sense with how they price things. It's roughly $10.00 for every 15gb hard drive space and 150gb bandwidth. With Aquarius Storage, your paying for the resources, which is what their prices seem to be based on, and you get all the support, cPanel/WHM with extras, fast network, free software and more for what truly is "free".

    Perhaps my favorite of all was, "Just because they say they have a good network and offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee doesn't mean that they will follow through. They are probably unreliable". Correct! Doesn't mean they will, I've learned this from many companies before who offered things like "100% uptime guaranteed", and then when its down they don't give you any compensation. Well, its been 2 months so far. Haven't had a SINGLE complaint from a customer or anyone who I host that the site has been down or running slow. Not one complaint. I work on designing and developing sites most of the work day for my clients and test out stuff on the server as well. Not once have I caught it offline or loading slow. The load speed is one of the best I've seen, and the 100% uptime over 2 months simply cannot be beat. After all, their network is collocated out of the Liquid Webs data center, which I consider to be one of the best in the world. There was only 1 issue when I first got my account with them, there was a DDoS attack or something that took down their servers for about half a day, but that was before any of my customers got switched over to this new reseller. Raised some questions in my head as well because they hadn't had issues like this before until I got in a huge debate with another company owner about their "reliability". But since then there hasn't been a single spot of down time, 100% uptime for 2 months now.

    So overall, the things that people question have all been perfect for me so far.

    1. Packages: A+. Great package resources.
    2. Pricing: A+ Great pricing.
    3. Extras: A Great extras like ClientExec, Fantastico (DeLuxe), RVSkins, RVSite Builder (Pro), etc. Only thing missing was WHMCS, but ClientExec works just as good if not better, just not as popular. They actually improved ClientExec a lot since I last saw them and I'm glad I got to try them out again.
    4. Network: A+ Amazing network. All sites load very fast and there's been 0 downtime.
    5. Support: ? Well... I haven't had a single server issue that I needed support with. Can't tell ya on this one.

    So the bottom line here is this. You can say this and that about the reliability and pricing of different companies but it doesn't make it true. I'm getting everything I would have got with my other hosting candidate for 1/4th the price. Yes, 1/4th. I know a lot of people can offer amazing packages and have less than average network performance, but this doesn't mean all companies that offer amazing packages are like this. I'm glad I found this company and I hope the next 2 months are as good as the first 2!

    I'll give you guys another review in another 2 months, and post any issues I have from here on out.

    For full information on their Reseller Hosting plans view their offers here:

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    I'm glad to hear you had such wonderful experience. Always refreshing to hear from very satisfied customers such as yourself. Best of luck to you!
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    Well written review here, nicely done. Good to hear things have worked out well so far.

    Be sure to keep us in the loop as time progresses over the coming year(s).
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    Nice long and detailed review there. I have had experience with them, and it was great.

    Remember to keep posting updates.

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    You have done good work with writing this review. I assume you are very happy with the company.
    Keep us updated with your further experience.
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    Interesting how you put all this in your review, if ever you are not happy with them maybe you could write us one. where the customer is first
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    Thanks for the well written review. Expect more updates in future as you said.

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