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    Talking [EU/UK] JSHosts --- Linux Virtual Private Servers --- From 4.99/Month!

    JSHosts is a leading web hosting company that is based in the United Kingdom. We offer quality and affordable shared hosting, reseller hosting and virtual private servers on premium european servers. All our services are at honest, affordable prices with dedicated support technicians.

    Virtual Private Servers - Read More
    A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is very similar to a Dedicated Server. You have your own operating system and can install different software that you require. This could be SHOUTcast, DirectAdmin, cPanel or any software that supports the operating system you've installed. You have equal share to the CPU which is always a minimum of Quad Core to ensure a fast and stable experience.

    VPS Features
    • Choice of Operating System
    • Free OS Re-Installs
    • Instant VPS Reboots
    • OpenVZ Virtualization
    • RAID Protected Hard Drives
    • Full Root Access

    128MB RAM
    10GB Disk Space
    250GB Bandwidth
    1 IP Address
    Price: 4.99/Month [Order Now]

    256MB RAM
    20GB Disk Space
    500GB Bandwidth
    1 IP Address
    Price: 9.99/Month [Order Now]

    512MB RAM
    30GB Disk Space
    700GB Bandwidth
    2 IP Addresses
    Price: 19.99/Month [Order Now]

    1024MB RAM
    50GB Disk Space
    1000GB Bandwidth
    2 IP Addresses
    Price: 39.99/Month [Order Now]

    2048MB RAM
    100GB Disk Space
    2000GB Bandwidth
    2 IP Addresses
    Price: 69.99/Month [Order Now]
    John Slane | Systems Administrator

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    Do you have a test IP / Speed test ?

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    Test IP:
    Network Speed Test:

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    John Slane | Systems Administrator

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