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    Cyberbit references please!


    I've read bad and some other good comments about them but are from 2008. Can sb provide to me with recent information on cyberbit?

    i'll really appreciate your comments!


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    Haven't delt with them, however you can check out the support page:
    They have a open ticketing system you can submit some questions or concerns.

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    thanks for your reply; i'll follow your advise!

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    Stay away!

    If you want to pay a setup fee to this company over $500 and loose it before you even get started using their service and want to give away free money, then use them for credit card processing.

    If you have any sense and do not want to be scammed by an dishonest owner who does not even have a lawyer and makes false promises then you will stay right away from this company.

    I can prove all statements in this review, and i will show and prove how Cyberbit will cost you nothing less than $2000 in total to setup and will scam your money, time and investment into trying to get some honest processing online.

    Find another company, do NOT use these guys people.

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    Exclamation Cyberbit is CyberSCAM

    I totally agree with PaidByPIN. This payment gateway is a total scam. I had use them before and i will definitely not using them again. Will not recommened others to use it either.

    If you look at this url for their charges,, they look so nice and comfortable, with Application Review Fee 0, Merchant account and Gateway Setup Fee start at 99, Gateway Monthly Fee 19, Processing Fee 2.0% - 5.75%, Transaction fee 0.15-0.65. They even state there

    "There are currently no additional transaction fees.
    All processing fees include the costs incurred from the credit card company." - THIS IS TOTAL BULL-Shi-t

    Once you start using them, you will see alot funny charges such as DOUBLE Transaction Fee. Whenever you receive and order, you will be charged 1 time Transaction Fee. The order did not get approved immediately as you have to approve the sale. Once you approve the sales, it is considered another transaction, therefore you will be charged another time Transaction fee. Another great things about them is, they do charge you for DECLINED orders. If a customer's order keeps getting declined but the customer is so passionated to buy your product, he will keep trying 7-10 times and you will be charged 7-10 times Transaction fees for declined orders even if you are unable to capture the sales.

    They do charge Weekly Statement fees. The statement is an e-statement but they are charging you for that. WTF?!?! Even for credit card company, they are only charging for paper statement and for e-statement, it is free but Cyberbit is trying to rake your money here and there. If you feel that you have a lot of moeny to be scammed by them, go ahead, do not come back and cry in this forum

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