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    Talking Enotch Colocation Review

    This is a short review about my colocation experience with enotch.

    I went for a tour at the beginning of May and was satisfied, I met Ervin and a few of the other guys, and they were pleasant to see. It was a bit of an issue at first, as I wanted to go just see the datacenter itself, not the "meet me room" and stuff, so they didn't get back to me until several days after the original tour date I wanted to come on. I explained that I just wanted to see the facility and they got me in there a few days later. They were very quick to reply.

    I signed up with them 5/16/2009, and moved in my equipment a few days later. So far it has been good. The network has been solid, except for Cogent announcing an update to their routers or something like that in the datacenter 2 days before they decided to do it, which was a bit short notice for my tastes. Aside from that, there has been 0 downtime that wasn't my own doing. Their support certainly is not the fastest, but the staff is nice and they get the job done right the first time. Kudos.

    A huge plus with them is price point. They gave me quite a deal and I'm extremely happy with the price I pay and what I get for it.

    My only complaint with them is the wait when I get there. I arrived once to visit the datacenter, and had to wait in the lobby almost 2 hours for them to arrive to escort me up. Ervin had unfortunately gotten stuck trying to find parking for over an hour - which was bad for both of us as he had to drive around on and on looking for a spot and I had to wait. Another time I did have to wait 2 hours again, because I was an hour early and the gentleman I was meeting there to be escorted up was an hour late. It definitely irritated me some, and it certainly annoyed building security, but all is well, I got what I needed to get done.

    Keep up the good work guys, I'll be keeping my business with Enotch for a while. I have received some unprofessional quotes and some companies (cough atlantic metro cough) who were extremely unprofessional in their communication to me. That's another thread for another day.

    Anyway, Dougy signing off.
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