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    Question I need comments for my auction website

    I announced a site and I need some comments now.
    I'm not a professional developer and tried on basics of an reverse auction script, which had many missing functions.
    Added features are:
    • Withdraw functionality after auction ends
      Buy it now
      Also script changed from time based to bid number based.

    I really need some comments and advises, also I don't have enough knowledge where to start advertising.

    As I'm working on this for 2 months, any comments will be wellcomed..

    edit: logo will be changed in a short while, skip it

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    Its nice, slim but a little slow loading, other then that, Its good.

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    It's also slow from my country, unfortunately I paid the annual fee allready.

    I thought it'd be better from UK and USA but as I understand from your comment, my webhost's prices do not worth their service..

    Btw, thank you for your time

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    Its okay, I hope it works out for ya, Its very nice, but just a little slow loading in the images.


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    I'll try to optimize them..
    Thank you Joe

    I'd be glad to hear some advises about advertising also..
    At the moment I'm advertising on Facebook and Google but I'm not satisfied with Google, does anybodys knows a forum or blog about gold that can be affordable for advertising?

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    In Oxford, we have a small web site where people IN Oxford can advertise their services or look for jobs for free. Try looking for 1 for your local area. That is how I have been advertising and has been quite sucsessful. Or try your local paper, they are sometimes good place for advertising as they are cheap and can reach out to a fair amount of people.

    I hope this helps.


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    I'd definitely look into local advertising. That's usually a good start. Google and Facebook are ok as well.

    Have you tried creating a company Twitter? We've hit just about all sides of the spectrum here at EO except commercials =). I can vouch for Twitter being great for a viral marketing platform. I believe the program we used was called 'tweetadder'. Check it out if you have a chance, it worked for us.


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    Thanks for your comments firstly. I think it'd be wiser to update my personal details before posting a messaage.
    I live in Turkey and at my country this type of auction is not well known.
    If this was a typical type of selling website, I'd use local alternatives. But as it's a reverse auction website, I intend to reach customers at USA, Canada and UK at the moment.

    I also prefer this cause I've been selling these products on Ebay for a ong time.

    So above local advertising, I prefered Google and Facebook via targeting US, Canada and UK users.

    I also registered on Twitter. I'm not similar to this platform but I think I'll use it to advertise by your advises.

    I'm also working an referral program, I hope these two helps my growth.

    Greetings again for your comments, as I'm trying something above my capacity at the moment

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    The design of the page is missing it's "personality" or a mark. The logo is like it's there because something has to be there. Other element's of the page also smell a little to generic or don't resonate so well as a whole.

    To be concrete, try makign logo stronger and that horiz. navigation bar smaller.

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    Thank you for your commnets middayc, I know sth. is missing with the visuality. I think you are right with the logo absolutely.
    In fact that was my first plan to change it but I'm trying on some coding at the moment and couldn't make a new one.
    About the top navigation bar, I think it'll be my last attempt on the site, cause I'm planning to change the visuality completely after completing the functions I'm planning.

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