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    EuroVPS - One year review!

    One year today I signed up with EuroVPS!

    Firstly let me say I've been a member here for over 6 years....only post occasionally, but my track record is verifiable. Hence you can be sure my review is 100% accurate.

    I've had a few hosts over the years, the previous one for over three years. I was very happy with them, but they couldn't provide me with a managed I had to look elsewhere.

    As I'm in Spain it was better for me to have the server sited in mainland Europe.....and that search led me to EuroVPS.

    What has that year been like? Basically.....excellent. They fulfilled all my expectations.....and then some!

    Servers are quick, and support at any time of the day or night is instantaneous.
    The techies are very experienced, very professional, and a nice bunch of guys as well. Nothing is too much trouble for them.....and they've compensated for my shortcomings on many occasions. Trust'll have a hard job bettering these guys.
    Uptime is also complaints from me or my customers.

    I even had a call at home from one of the top bosses of EuroVPS.....he told me of their attention to detail, future plans etc.....very reassuring.

    I was fortunate to sign up to the 30% lifetime discount deal.....which they've honoured through two account upgrades. So yes, my business has grown considerably.....and EuroVPS gave me that solid platform to build on.

    If you want the cheapest prices you can find....then look elsewhere.
    I needed a quality service.....and I got it.

    In short, with EuroVPS you get a quality service from a quality company, and I would recommend them 100%.

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    Glad to hear a positive review and thanks for sharing with the community! Be sure to keep us posted with an update in the future.

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    Yes, good to hear a positive story here on WHT.

    Quote Originally Posted by ic54 View Post
    If you want the cheapest prices you can find....then look elsewhere.
    I needed a quality service.....and I got it.
    That's pretty much it. Been with them over three years and I absolutely trust them to keep providing excellent service and uptime.
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    Glad to read some good news on European VPS providers as well. I have not tried EuroVPS yet, but will keep an eye on their services.

    Their website has clearly not been tested with Mac at all though - overlapping fonts and text with messy layout. Does not give very professional look to begin with, but good to know that their services are excellent.

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    As usual always great to see positive reviews. I'm glad to hear about your experience with them. Thanks for the review.
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    Very happy to see a satisfied customer. Thanks for sharing your long experience with them. Follow up the review periodically.

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    Same here, 3+ years and I have almost nothing negative to say. It's been an overall very good experience.
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