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    singlehop oh yess....

    ive just spoken to a Miguel at singlehop wanting to upgrade from a vps on another serviceprovider to a dedicated server with them... any my my are singlehop cheap after reading a few reviews ive decided to go with them Miguel was really polite on thier live support told me everything i needed to know Fantastic..

    so im ordering in on friday when i get paid much looking forward to getting it online

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    Hope it goes well for you, probably best to do the review in future when you have actually been with them (after you've gotten your server, after you've been with them for a month or so )
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    not so much a review than a like the way they work already... ive had such hastle with the last people ive been with for down time.. and before that i was caught in the great dataloss of Vaserv had a bad few mounths for hosting..

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    I agree with Sam. Thanks for informing us anyway. But I suppose that would be much interesting to here your review here then first impressions
    Please do not get offended and good luck

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    Good luck, and be sure to update us in a few months!

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    i currently have a server from them and things have been running fine by the status page listed in my signature. that has been since jun 19th, and my account rep has answered all my questions as well. if your enjoying them now then a dedicated server would be a good idea then, but make sure to get management. - Shoutcast Streams & Web Hosting
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    Always best to go with what you know. By all accounts the service over there is recommended by many so you should be okay, look forward to a review soon.
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